Banners are one of the many tools companies have available to promote their product or service. Banners are often used temporarily to advertise an event, grand opening etc. but they can be used for longer periods of time as well. While there is no practical size limit, as we can combine multiple large panels in to a single banner, most banners are 5' or less high by 30' or less wide. Any of these sizes we can produce in a single piece of material. Common finishing options include metal grommets (usually every 2') and hemming (taped or sewn). We prefer to use a 13 oz. matte vinyl material for most of our banners but we stock glossy vinyl as well. For special applications we also have fire retardent fabrics, polypropylene, canvas, Tivek, mesh and other materials.
Applications where you often see temporary vinyl banners: church events, sporting events, Charity fund raisers, grand openings, construction sites etc.

Whatever your purpose is, we have the products, knowledge and graphic design capabilities to help you reach the right audience.

Banner grommets
Various types of metal banner grommets
Pole banner
Street pole banners at showhome parade
Wall mounted banners
Wall mounted vinyl banners

Contact us for more information or come and see many of our products and materials on display in our Calgary showroom.

Overpass Banners

Pole Banners

Rollup banners

Mesh Banners

Digitally Printed Banners