Calgary signs and graphics

Signs are one of the most used and most important ways to advertise.

Signs, whether permanent or temporary, are a cost effective way to convey your message, your company brand, your product or your event on a 7 x 24 basis.  This is different than radio, TV, newspaper or magazine advertising because those are all limited in time.  Signs will advertise for you for as long as you own the sign and only requires a one-time investment! 

Although we are also known for our quality banners, stickers, sandwich boards and rollup banners, we also have a reputation as one of Calgary's best custom sign shops, and have been making them for over 20 years.  In fact, some of the early signs we made are still out there attracting new business for our customers every day!

Sign Options
With our sign fabrication expertise, we can custom make signs in almost any size and number of colours.  Common materials of our signs include aluminum, wood, Crezon (outdoor plywood), plastic, plexiglass (acrylic), polycarbonate and vinyl.  Many of the signs we produce are printed on our high resolution digital printers (large format printing) but we also use cut vinyl for solid colours.  Cut vinyl signs are great for long term use where there are only a few colours required or for logos without a lot of fine detail (for that we would use digital printers).  We can even produce solid 3D cut out logos and letters to make your sign (for indoor or outdoor use). There is really no practical limit to the size of a sign (except where limited by local Calgary bylaws).  Typical sign examples and uses include: hoarding signs, commercial signs, store front signs, marquee signs, construction signs, wayfinding signs etc.

For outdoor sign use, the material selection is often different than for indoor use. The inks we use for outdoor signs will hold up very well for more than 3 years with direct sun and rain exposure (or much longer when shielded from the elements). The inks will last much longer than that but after 3 years you may start to notice some slight fading of colour brightness.  For even longer use without fading we can laminate them with a UV protective coating.

Most often signs are single sided but we can also produce double sided signage so you can have twice as much graphics that can be viewed from either direction. Other options to consider are lamination, lighting (front or back lit), mounting type, height etc.  Of course when it comes to installing your sign we can provide helpful advice so you can install it yourself or we can provide any type of signage installation services you may require.

Sign Design
We can provide all the necessary graphic design work for you at reasonable rates or you can supply your own graphics (pdf, tif, jpg, ai, cdr etc.).  What many customers will do is to sketch out a simple layout of what they're looking for (e.g. in MS-Word or PowerPoint) and then our Designers can take it from there (this will reduce the amount of billable time required).

Plexiglass reception sign Calgary
Plexiglass reception sign
Outdoor front lighted sign Calgary
LED lighted sign (cedar and aluminum)
Aluminum outdoor lot sign
Lot sign, aluminum composite
Coroplast for lease sign
For Lease sign, coroplast
Large foamcore sign calgary
Fomecore sign

Calgary reception signs
Brushed aluminum/acrylic
Calgary die cut showhome sign
Aluminum composite, die cut sign
Calgary signs - fence mounted
Fence mounted sign

Contact us for more information or come and see these and other types of signs and sign materials on display in our Calgary showroom.  Also, the City of Calgary has posted helpful information about bylaws related to signage.

Roadside signs

Aluminum signs

Laminated signs

Road and Traffic signs

Foamcore and coroplast signs