Outdoor signs mounted on posts or skids are a very popular way of advertising or identifying your construction site, business or commercial property.

From our Calgary production facility we custom make any type of outdoor sign suitable for construction sites, development, hoarding advertising, commercial properties (e.g. For Lease signs) or existing business locations.  We use the appropriate materials to provide a long lasting, eye catching display for your business. Signs can be flat, 3D routered, front lit, framed, rectangular or shaped etc.  For extra protection and longevity they can be laminated as well.

If you plan to move the sign at some point (typically on construction sites) we will "skid" mount the signs. They are then held down by sandbags and/or rebar anchors to withstand the strongest winds but they can still be easily picked up and moved to another spot.  For more permanent signs we normally dig post holes and insert 4"x4" or 6"x6" wooden posts into post cement.
The signs themselves can be printed on to Crezon (outdoor plywood) or composite aluminum panels (like Dibond or Alupanel), which are lighter weight and last longer for outdoor use.

In most cases, you'll be able to install these yourself, or we can provide full installation and removal services for you.

Skid mounted construction sign in Calgary
Skid mounted Aluminum construction sign, 8' x 4'
Small construction sign on skid
Smaller skid mounted Aluminum sign
Billboard sized sign on posts
Billboard size Aluminum construction sign, 8' x 12'

Calgary post mounted lighted business sign Calgary billboard size construction sign on large skidLarge Real Estate development sign, 8' x 20' Back view of skid mounted sign in Calgary
Back view of skid mounted sign
Contact us for more information or come and see some samples on display in our Calgary showroom.