Parking lot, traffic and road signs - Calgary

Parking lot, road and traffic signs can be made from a variety of materials and in virtually any size.

From our Calgary production facility, we make custom traffic and parking lot signs from aluminum, wood, plastic or aluminum composites. The graphic or text can be done with either standard adhesive vinyl, digitally printed or cut vinyl, or reflective vinyl.  For extra protection and longevity we can laminate them as well.  Typical examples include: STOP signs, wayfinding, Speed Limit, No Parking etc.

Sign and Installation Options

Options include chain link fence mount clips, metal posts and installation services.  For wall/surface mounting, we can use screws/plugs or a heavy duty industrial double sided tape.  For metal posts you can choose from square, round, or galvanized U-channel and either attached directly to an asphalt or concrete surface or sunk in to the ground. Break-away collars can be used as well (on round posts) to prevent damage to vehicles and to the sign itself.  We also supply shock absorbing spring loaded sign posts to prevent damage to the sign or vehicles.

Often traffic or highway signs are made from solid aluminum sheets (also known as "sign blanks"), which hold up well in all weather conditions.  However, in most cases a better solution is aluminum composite materials (e.g. Alupanel or Dibond) as this is lighter, less expensive and in most cases more than adequate from a strength point of view. Ask us about the advantages.

We can even produce plastic paint stencils to allow for spray or roller painting of signage right on to concrete or asphalt surfaces (e.g. direction arrows, STOP letters etc.).

Asphalt installation
Mounting larger or heavier sign posts to an asphalt surface is much more difficult than to other surfaces such as concrete, grass etc. This is because asphalt is a much more porous and brittle surface and gets soft in very hot weather. We have developed special tools and techniques that allow you to mount large signs directly to an asphalt surface such as parking lots, driveways etc. without the need for removing large sections and pouring cement (the more traditional method).

For a comprehensive catalog of the signs used by Alberta Transportation (Regulatory, Warning and Information signs), check here.
Calgary parking lot sign on post
Post mounted parking lot sign

Calgary Shipping and Receiving sign
Shipping & Receiving sign

Lot sign on metal post in Calgary
Development lot sign on metal post

Traffic speed sign in Calgary
Traffic speed sign
Calgary stop sign
Standard stop sign

Flexible sign post
Impact Recovery flexible sign post
Break away sign post collar
Break away signpost collar
Break away sign post collar
sign post on asphalt parking lot
Break away sign post collar
asphalt mounted base plate
Contact us for more information or come and see some samples on display in our Calgary showroom.