Sign repair and installation

Repair or installation of signs and graphics in the greater Calgary area is something we have been doing for over 20 years.

From replacing ballasts in large backlit sign cans to replacing broken plexiglass panels in wayfinding signs to repairing wind damaged wooden signs, we have done it all. Many install and repair jobs can be done with ladders or scaffolding but for more difficult jobs we will bring in the appropriate gear such as scissor lifts, bucket trucks etc.
Of course we also do decal and vinyl removal and/or installation work on vehicles, trucks, store windows etc. Removing vinyl that has been in place for years can often be more of a challenge as the material becomes more brittle and difficult to remove in one piece. We have developed tools and techniques to make this process easier. Contact us at 403-250-6866 for some ideas or a quote for your sign repair or installation needs.
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