Sandwich board accessories

This super strong steel pin hinge handle is ideal for medium sized street and construction signs up to 24" wide and 48" high. Hinge Handles are made with a solid-steel shaft and high-density polyethelene tabs that will flex, but not break, even in cold weather. Every Hinge Handle comes with a lifetime warranty. Hinge Handles can be used with substrates of any kind up to 1/2" thick. The simple design makes installing them to A-frame signs fast and easy. (Assembly takes just a couple minutes.) Thanks to their built-in handle, Hinge Handles make A-frame signs much easier to carry. This hinge Handle has 330 degrees of rotation so all four sides can be used for signage. Example: one side "Open House" flip over second side "Just Listed". Sandwich board Hinge Handle
12" ($14.95) or 16" ($18.95) hinge handle
Replaceable inserts for metal A-frames (Coroplast
and Alupanel with full color print and laminated):
18" x 24"$30.00$36.00$40.00
24" x 18"$30.00$36.00$40.00
24" x 32"$53.00$64.00$72.00
24" x 36"$60.00$72.00$81.00
24" x 48"$80.00$95.00$105.00
32" x 48"$105.00$125.00$140.00
Contact us for more information or come and see them on display in our showroom. Also, ask us about anchor stakes to secure your sandwich boards and reduce loss or damage.

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