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Trade shows are one of the many tools companies have available to promote their product or service.  Although preparing for and exhibiting at a trade show can be a significant amount of work, it can also provide an excellent return on investment. To make sure you get the most from your trade show exhibit, you have to make sure you select the right show for your product or service (sometimes a smaller, more targeted show can be much more effective than some of the larger shows). It is also really important to have the right displays at your booth. This will reflect your product, your image, your style and what you are trying to achieve with the show.

Selecting the right show, displays, graphics, style etc. will depend on what your main purpose or objective is at the show. For some it may be to introduce your company when you're just starting out, for others it's to introduce a new product or product line, or simply to increase their customer base.

Trade show tip: Before you book a booth or table at a trade show, you need to consider the type of audience that the show might attract. We have found that exhibiting at a small show in Calgary with relatively little traffic to our booth still produced much better results for us than a large show that brought hundreds of visitors to our booth!

Whatever your purpose is, we have the products, knowledge, graphic design capabilities and trade show ideas to help you reach the right audience.

Tradeshow Popup display curved aluminum Fabric popup display Popup display curved aluminum Fabric popup display Popup display curved aluminum Trade Show banners
Note: fabric popup displays are available in sizes 90" x 90" and 119" x 90". Curved aluminum popup displays are available in 8ft X 8ft and 8ft X 10ft.
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