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Calgary, AB, T3J 3W5
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Custom Banners
Although banners can be printed on paper, they are normally produced on vinyl so they can be used indoors and outdoors. Vinyl choices include glossy and matte (dull) and come in different thicknesses. For longer term outdoor applications or areas of strong wind, the heavier duty vinyls are a better choice.
There is also a blockout or scrim vinyl that reduces the amount of backlighting so that the image does not lose its contrast when the sun is behind the banner.

We produce banners in a variety of ways, including cut vinyl and digital printing. For cut vinyl, the cost will vary depending on the number of colours. For digitally printed banners, the cost is the same, regardless of the number of colours used.

We normally hem the edges of the banner to prevent any fraying and provide a more finished look.
To install these banners, we can put metal grommets in the corners and along the edges that you can tie a rope or bungie cord to.

We also have plastic banner clips available. These handy clips are stronger than grommets and are reusable.

In addition to hanging your banner on a wall or fence, we can also provide a wide choice of banner stands, including automatic rollup stands, motorized scrolling stands and many others.

Our address: 4327 Manhattan Rd. S.E, Calgary, AB, T3J 3W5
Phone: (403) 250-6866 Fax: (403) 291-5363 Email: production@precolour.com
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